eurolatino is a full-service travel company that provides authentic and unforgettable travel experiences throughout Latin America and Europa and special destinations worldwide.  We specialize in tailor made itineraries that are customized to fit our guest’s interests. 

Our company is a privately-owned family business. The founders are “latinos” who live many years in Germany and have over 40 years combined experience in incoming as well as in group management. Travelers from heart and soul, we know almost every corner in our home country Bolivia as well as the main touristic centers in Latin America.  Since our arrival in Germany, we have visited Germany from north to south, visited every castle coming along the routes we´ve driven and participated in the major city celebrations in our new home country.  We have also visited the major cities in every country in West Europe.  That gives us enough knowledge on the destinations we handle with and enough ideas to help others to plan their dream holiday.

We take pride in having been providing superior quality service for our customers and absolute reliability to our partners. With a customer orientated policy, we are able to adjust our services to the everchanging wishes and needs of our customers.

During all these years that we have been in business, we have built a latinamerican/european wide network of strong partners in the travel industry. We have also extended our activities to Europe organizing in Germany an entrance point for travellers from the Americas and other parts of the World coming to Europe. We believe in its huge potential and we are sure to suit the needs of our future partners and customers.  We will gladly work out the details of your travel plans and deliver the product that suits you best.

We know that travel can mean trekking to Machu Picchu or sunset at Sun Island on Titicaca Lake, breaking ice on the Antarctica or climbing pyramids in Mexico. Utilize our knowledge and experience of Latin America and romance Europe to create innovative tours that meet your travel interests. From adventure tours in South America, bathing holidays in Costa Rica or Andalusia, a cultural trip to the World Heritage Cities in Spain or to the Mayan World in Mexico and Guatemala, or two weeks roundtrip through Mexico ending in one all-inclusive Hotel in Cancun and finally visiting the glaciers of Patagonia or the continental Spain or its islands, our itineraries optimize vacation time and cater to individual preferred activities.

Our company was founded in 2009, when we decided to offer another alternative for tours to South America, later to Central America, the Caribbean, Spain, Italy and Portugal. In another words, to all latin-speaking destinations. Our travel consultants have firsthand experience in the destinations we offer and can give insight into the regions within countries. Excursions are led by professional bilingual local guides with extensive knowledge of the flora, fauna, geography, history and culture. Use our itineraries as a sampling of what is possible or contact one of our travel consultants to let them build a custom trip based on your criteria.

We are experts in Latin American and Europe travel. Having worked in this market successfully for over 30 combined years we have a maximum amount of experience, insider knowledge and business connections. No other tour operator dedicates so much to the task of transmitting its guests an unforgettable Latin experience. Even following the almost daily developments in the luxury scene in Latin America and Spain keeping track of every small challenge. We update the list of hotels and restaurants we use constantly to ensure that in our unique journeys are taken into account only the best. The same happens for the European touristic market, from north to south and from west to east, everything you need to make an unforgettable vacation… We have it! Furthermore, we will be offering special and selected destinations that will go along with your dream vacation´s plan.

Our guides are highly motivated and educated to assure the highest standards of service. They manage all the details of the tour, ensuring that your guest’s vacation is smooth, enjoyable and worry free. While they are lauded for their knowledge, insight and experience, these qualities are secondary to their enthusiasm and concern.

Last but not least, we wanted to transmit our experience at the standing growing touristic market in Bolivia.  Since 2018, we offer you our experience and dedication in our own office in La Paz. Together with selected partner across the country, you will have not only high valued services but full support on information and suggestions from what you want to sell to your clients. As customer, you will have of course our fully support to plan your dream adventure including ground services, hotels, guides and gastronomy. From now on, GOLATINO BOLIVIA -our inbound branch in Bolivia and neighbouring countries- will offer you activities with the factor adventure and sustainability. Discover with us new routes as well as new ideas in the traditional tours.

Have you read our programs and still don’t see the Latin/European adventure of your dreams? Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about our trips. Alternatively, let our professional trip planners customize a luxury adventure just for you. We can also customize an itinerary that is right for you or your contacts/friends at no additional cost. Please let us know your specific request.

For a customized itinerary please call +49 7531 9188414 or e-mail us to info@eurolatino.eu or info@golatino.eu


At eurolatino we create independent and group adventure trips from 10 to +200 people. By listening to and assessing your needs we can customize a group adventure that suits you. We’ll do more than that: we’ll negotiate the best rates, arrange group accommodation, coordinate air and land transportation. What are you waiting for?

Our unbiased opinion
We’re unique at eurolatino; we have chosen to be unbiased to our customers. What does that mean? It means using our experience, knowledge and passion, we will recommend the travel that is right for you and customize what you want.

Need some ideas?

  • Take a group to climb Mt. Chimborazo for a local charity just to say „I did it“!
  • Do a group volunteer trip to help build a school or orphanage in a developing country.
  • Bike through the wine regions in Spain or Chile with your friends
  • Take a language course: learn Spanish in the home of its birth.
  • Do a private Discovery Tour in Latin America for your family reunion.
  • Organize your friends to hike the St. James Pathway in Spain or trekk the Inca Trails in Peru and Bolivia!
  • Snorkel or scuba dive in the best reefs in Mexico; Cuba or at Easter Island.
  • Drink your whisky with millenary ice cubes from the Glaciers in your Adventure Cruise in the AntarcticWe can customize a group adventure that suits you. So, whether you are a group of 2 or 2000 we can create an exclusive itinerary that fits your needs, negotiate the best rates, arrange group accommodations, coordinate air and land transportation and always deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Our experience organizing independent & small group trips means that you get what you want, where you want it, when you want itWhy chose eurolatino? 

A usual question from our customers is about what differentiates us from our competitors. It is simply, the quality and experience of our people. Hands down, our seasoned & dedicated team of professionals provides the foundation of our structure and ongoing success. Nobody knows travel and groups to Latin America and Europe like eurolatino.


There are only good reasons why you should leave the organization of your incentives in Germany and Spain to eurolatino.  No matter if you need seminars, congress, side programs, excursions or events – we make from the organization of your event and your stay in Germany or Spain once-in-a-life-time experience

Ask for a quotation and we will give you in within 24-48 hours a detailed information of your requirements with everything you need. And not only in English but in several languages: german, spanish, italian, portuguese.

And during the development of your event, our guides and assistants will stay near you, as invisible supporters in order to control that everything comes perfectly. They will also support you in case of problems or other needs.

We help you to organize your incentives in Germany and Spain because we know where the best locations are, and we can help you in

  • individual offers free of service charges
  • Hotel reservation for your group.
  • Evening events in the best locations in the most important cities in Germany and Spain
  • Reservations for events, theater, concerts and much more.
  • Individual collateral programs – excursions to important highlights in a city, city tours or other sites in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Spain.
  • If you need other destinations in other countries, we can also help you to plan your event and look for the right destination in Europe or Latin America.
  • no deposits after reservation
  • no service charges by cancellation (within a predetermined period)
  • detailed travel-documents
  • 24 h emergency-call-numberOur commitment to sustainable travel

The preservation of the environment is particularly important for our company. One of our main goals and from our partners is to apply our model of sustainability to our suppliers, communities and also with our visitors. That means the application of best practices in the company ranging from aid to local families, as well as employment opportunities, such as local guides, buying food in local restaurants, among others.

All tours are designed thinking in the coming generations, who have the same right to the natural and cultural beauty as we do. We think environmental protection is very important, so we encourage our customers to protect the environment they visit on our tours. To avoid a greater impact on protected areas in our tours when we visit these places, we plan small groups in order to protect the environment.  If it is not possible to deposit all garbage and recyclables in every town we visit, we bring it to the headquarters from our partners, where they are given appropriate treatment. We separate all recycling materials and brought it to a local recycler, thus helping the environment and the local economy.


As a matter of fact, eurolatino is committed to environmentally responsible travel that promotes conservation, has low negative visitor impact, and provides for beneficially active socioeconomic involvement of local populations. We are convinced that travel can facilitate understanding and promote cooperation amongst all participants, our clients, our guides, and our hosts in all our Destinations.

Sustainable tourism is tourism attempting to make as low impact on the environment and local culture as possible, while helping to generate future employment for local people. The aim of sustainable tourism is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for local people, tourism companies and the tourists themselves. And eurolatino supports these principles and commits itself to sustainable travel.

Therefore, we decided to include the principles of sustainable tourism in all our programs, giving an adequated use to natural resources, respecting the sociocultural diversity and to ensure suitable corporate practices.

eurolatino support the touristic exploitation which does not damage the environment (natural, historical, artistic, social…) and the human factor. For that, our partners are also conscious of that and support also a sustainable travel respecting human and environmental factors as well as the preservation of biodiversity. Foremost changing the consumption guidelines in order to modify the environmental damage and to keep the material base of development. Last but not least, respecting the own sociocultural rules, especially those from indigenous people.

We care by contracting local agents such as local guides, local restaurants, etc., in order to improve the income of local people, improving this way their quality of life, and allowing them a better access to education, employment, health, social security, and proper housing with services, infrastructure and equipment. We care as well on improving values such as justice, economic and gender equity; racial, ethnic and religious equity.

In a near future, we will start supporting with our partners in Latin America, diverse community-based programs aiming the principles of sustainable development. Here you will be the main actor because a part of your money will be destined to support these projects.

Incoming Germany & Europe

Are you organizing a travel group to Europe?

Our company organizes tours to the most beautiful regions and most known cities in Europe using Frankfurt/Main and Madrid as our main entrance ports. Nevertheless, we can plan for you any other starting point in Europe.

We can offer for your groups the complete organization of your packages including hotel accommodation, bus transportation, airport transfers, guide services, flight reservations and fair and congress organization.   

A careful selected network of partners during the last 3 years ensures a high level of quality and professionality. 

With pleasure we can set an offer that fits your requirements, not only in english, but spanish, german, italian and portuguese. Our guides and assistants take care of you as well in different languages and stay at your side for every question related to incoming with solutions and advice.

You can expect following benefits from us:

  • indivual offers free of service charges
  • for every 20 persons one free of charge in 1/2 twin (exceptions will be highlighted)
  • no deposits after reservation
  • no service charges by cancellation (within a predetermined period)
  • detailed travel-documents


Corporate travel is a great tool for the developing of your business: saving time and money; effective means of motivation and teambuilding as well as the possibility of acquiring of new business partners.

eurolatino provides a full range of services for corporate events during a visit to an exhibition, seminars, training, and incentive tours abroad and in Germany.

We offer you:

               Hotel reservations at any level.

               Booking of air and railway tickets.

               Transport services at any level.

               Car rentals.

               All types of insurance.

               Services of professional guides and interpreters.

               Organization of seminars and conferences.

               Providing information on events, conferences, seminars and exhibitions that take place in your targeted region.

               A complete guiding service.

               Organization of cultural and recreational programs in spare time.

We guarantee:

A professional and personal approach to each client.