ECLIPSE CHASERS Advance notice

We are eclipse chasers since 1989, when we lived our first Total Solar Eclipse in Bolivia, an unforgetable experience. Since then, we were fascinated with the idea to organize tours on places where we usually work. We did it the last two years in Argentina and Chile and now there are events we want to chase, in areas we know very well, full of ideas, ready to concrete your plans and with the best partners in every country. Our goal is to make you feel at home, visiting breath-taking places, living the culture, the history and the local gastronomy. And of course, living your eclipse adventure with EUROLATINO

MEXICO - Durango

April 8, 2024 Duration of totality 4m 28s

U.S.A. - Texas

April 8, 2024 Duration of totality 4m 26s

SPAIN- Oviedo

August 2, 2026 Totality duration 1m 49s

ICELAND - Reykjavik

August 2, 2026 Totality duration 2m 12s


August 12, 2027 Totality duration 6m 22s


August 22, 2027 Totality duration 2m 55s