October 30 through November 6



June 04 through June11

We present to you the best selection of activities linked to the Northern Lights where you can see the phenomenon at its best: FINLAND, a parliamentary and democratic republic, a member of the United Nations since 1955, as well as the European Union since 1995. The Finnish economy is one of the most prosperous in Europe, based on important service sectors, as well as manufacturing sectors andhas a highly democratic policy with extremely low levels of corruption.

Finland is becoming an important tourist destination in northern Europe. One of Finland’s most demanded destinations is Lapland, with ice and snow in winter. It is well known Rovaniemi, the largest city in the area, rebuilt under the direction of Alvar Aalto after World War II, very close to the Arctic Circle. Nearby is the well-known Santa Claus´ House, the city’s biggest attraction. And these are our goals on the journey we propose. Once in Lapland, we’ll start our activities including a Huskies´ sled safari and touring part of the Arctic forests. Another safari with reindeer-drawn sleigh, a visit to Ranua’s Arctic Zoo, an afternoon on Europe´s longest Toboggan and a Baltic Sea cold water cruise with a visit to the world’s largest snow castle complete our adventure.

Of course, every day we will have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, the goal of our visit. Our guides will take us to places where we can see the aurora in all its splendor and explain this phenomenon very much on detail.

At the end of the trip of our dreams we will visit Helsinki, the capital of the country, where many cruises on the Baltic Sea arrive. This city includes Senate Square and the Suomenlinna Fortress.


„We are a unique land.“ Unique landscapes, history, culture, unique communities… but all countriescan say the same thing. In Scotland, being unique means something else. It is the land of experiences
whose memory endures all your life, of implausible stories, of flavors that you will never taste again (unless you return!). And the weather isn’t the only thing that’s constantly changing.

Scotland is such an active and vibrant country that Scotland will never be the same twice. On this dream trip you will have unique experiences throughout the tour. Starting in the city of Edinburgh, you’ll find rustic villages, charming towns and an immense coastline. You will also have an abundant history to discover like in the Highlands that are emblematic but occupy a much larger and more interesting area than most assume.

In addition to the world-famous Loch Ness, Ben Nevis, and the North Coast 500, it’s going to be possible to enjoy malt whiskey, delicious cuisine and paradisiacal places you’ve ever seen in a movie. Inverness is the capital of the Highlands, located in the north of the country, a small-town offering history, heritage, and a wide range of food establishments. It is the ideal base for exploring the rest of the Highlands, including Loch Ness. Skye with stunning scenery, Eilean Donan Castle, the grandiose Stirling Castle near Loch Lomond, the Kelpies and other whisky distilleries, are some of the attractions we present to you on this tour. The whole set of excursions and visits we offer you on this trip to Scotland will last in your memory for a long time and you will surely want to return once again.